The Importance of Owning Your Assets

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In today’s digital-first world, the assets you can’t physically touch often hold more value than the tangible ones. This is particularly true for digital assets like social media accounts, which have become pivotal in shaping a business’s online presence and engagement with its audience. Among these, Facebook pages stand as a cornerstone for many companies’ digital marketing strategies. However, the control and ownership of these assets can sometimes slip through the cracks, leading to significant challenges and potential losses.

This article underscores the critical importance of owning your digital assets, with a special focus on Facebook pages, and outlines strategies to safeguard them for the sustained success and security of your business.

Why Ownership Matters

Digital assets are a crucial component of your company’s identity and marketing machinery. Facebook pages, for example, are not just platforms for posting updates; they are dynamic spaces for customer interaction, brand promotion, and targeted advertising. The importance of owning these assets outright cannot be overstated. Ownership ensures you have complete control and access, allowing you to make decisions swiftly, update security settings, and manage administrative roles without external constraints.

The Risks of Losing Control

The scenario is all too common: a Facebook page created by an employee who later leaves the company, taking with them the sole access to this vital digital asset. Or worse, a marketing agency that, upon termination of their contract, holds your digital assets hostage, leaving you in a precarious position. We’ve witnessed these situations countless times, and each time we are reminded of the vulnerabilities businesses face when they do not have clear ownership and control over their digital assets.

Lost Access and Oversight

Without direct ownership, businesses risk losing access to their Facebook pages, which can derail ongoing campaigns, disrupt customer engagement, and tarnish the brand’s reputation.

Agency Transitions

Changing agencies can become a logistical nightmare if your previous agency controls your digital assets. The potential for these agencies to “hold your assets hostage” can not only lead to legal challenges but also force you to start from scratch—a costly and time-consuming endeavour.

Starting Over

In some cases, the only solution might be to create a new page entirely, resulting in lost time, diminished reach, and the daunting task of rebuilding your fan base from the ground up.

Strategies for Safeguarding Your Digital Assets

To avoid these pitfalls, here are actionable steps businesses can take to secure ownership and control over their Facebook pages and other digital assets:

Establish Ownership Early

Ensure that all digital assets are created under the business’s official account, not an individual employee’s account. This simple step can prevent a multitude of access issues down the line.

Use Business Manager

Facebook’s Business Manager tool is designed for exactly this purpose. It allows businesses to manage their pages, ad accounts, and team members from a single dashboard, ensuring clear oversight and control.

Implement Role-Based Access

Assign roles and permissions based on the level of access each team member needs. This not only enhances security but also ensures that no single individual has unilateral control over your digital assets.

Regularly Review Access Permissions

Make it a practice to periodically review who has access to your digital assets. Update these permissions as needed, especially when employees leave the company or roles change.

Legal Agreements with Agencies

When working with external agencies, include clauses in your contracts that clearly state your ownership of all digital assets created on your behalf, including social media accounts.

Safeguard Your Future & Ensure Your Ownership of Digital Assets

The digital landscape is fraught with challenges, but losing control of your digital assets shouldn’t be one of them. By taking proactive steps to establish and maintain ownership of your Facebook pages and other digital assets, businesses can secure their online presence, safeguard their marketing investments, and continue to engage their audience without interruption. Ownership is not just a matter of control—it’s an imperative that underpins the success and resilience of your digital marketing efforts.

Keep Control of Your Assets with Retain Media

We’ve worked with dozens of businesses who have lost control of their digital assets, and know firsthand how frustrating it can be. If you’re interested in social media management that leaves you in control of your assets, contact us today to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation.

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