Google Shopping Ads for Automotive Dealers and OEMs

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    Why you should list your products on Google Shopping

    $1 in every $40 is now spent online.

    Those figures come from Neto’s 2018 report on Australian e-commerce and in 2020 the move to online shopping dramatically increased. See below from Google trends highlight the move to online shopping.

    The Google trends highlighted below clearly shows the move to online shopping.

    Online shopping is only increasing and due to Covid, usage has probably accelerated 10 years in the span of 6 months.

    Google Shopping allows online shops to display their products on Google search results targeting relevant searches. 


    Retain Media can set up your Google Shopping account and put your most important products on there so they are more likely to be seen by potential customers. 

    What are the advantages Google Shopping offers?


    Products displayed on Google Shopping are the only ads in search results that have photos, which immediately grabs the attention of the user. It’s important that businesses take good photos to make their products more appealing to potential customers. 

    Higher frequency in search results

    Your business can appear both in shopping ads and organic listings on the same search results page, giving you more exposure. Multiple products can appear with a single query exposing customers to other products you have.

    Better quality leads and or sales

    People searching for products on Google have already done some research and are closer to making a purchase. When they see a product that is relevant to their search, they are more likely to click on it to find out more information about the product.

    Why should your business be advertising on Google Shopping?

    In short, because more and more purchases are being made online. Shoppers can order items with just a few clicks and unlike search ads which are only text-based, you have the advantage of potential customers seeing your product.

    Search ads show up based on keywords, but shopping ads use product data that you can upload in Google Merchant Centre to display shopping ads. 

    Google launched Shopping ads in 2010, and it’s been a crucial part of successful e-commerce marketing. Your Google Shopping ads can appear in a variety of places, such as:

    Shopping Tab
    The shopping tab on Google Search
    Next to text ads
    Next to text ads
    Google Images
    Google Images
    Across Google Display Network
    Across Google Display Network including YouTube and Gmail

    Why should you choose Retain Media for your Shopping Campaigns?


    No Lock-in




    How Retain Media can create a successful Google Shopping campaign for your business

    We know how to optimise your products so that your Google Shopping ads will result in higher conversions.

    Add Ratings and reviews

    These can come from your business’ website or from third party websites. You need to have at least 100 rating reviews in the past 12 months for reviews to appear.

    We’ll be able to set this up for you. 

    Focus on top products

    We’ll use GA to track your products that are performing the best. 

    Your top-selling items will increase your brand awareness and people will be able to see related products that you sell. 

    Negative keywords

    While we can’t control what keywords will trigger your product ad to show up in search queries, we can limit the searches which your ad will show up for by adding negative keywords.

    For example, you sell ‘men’s cycling shorts’ but your product comes up when someone searches ‘women’s cycling shorts’. 

    We can add negative keywords so that your products show up in searches for the people you are targeting.

    Retain Media regularly checks to make sure our clients’ products are appearing in the right queries.  


    What do I need to start a Google Shopping campaign?
    To run a Google Shopping campaign, an advertiser must have a Google Merchant Centre account, with their products loaded or feeding into it. This Merchant Centre account should be linked to your Google search ads account.
    How much does it cost? 
    Like search ads, Google shopping is a Cost Per Click campaign, however Google announced ‘Free Listings’ in Google Shopping. This means products listed in the merchant centre can organically appear on some searches.

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      You are in a good company.
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        Drive More Leads and Sales