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    Why Google Data Studio is Useful for Business?

    Google Data Studio is useful for business owners, marketers and data analysts as it helps visualise data and bring together data from multiple sources. 

    At Retain Media uses Google Data Studio to help our clients easily see and understand the key metrics of all their marketing activity, observe trends and most importantly, make decisions.

    Below is a report built-in data studio using the Truck Industry Council sales data for 2015 – June 2019:

    If you hover over the bottom left corner of the dashboard you can see the 18 report pages we have built using this data. Each report also then has filters allowing a user to drill down.

    For example on page 4 Truck market, you can clearly see the trends.
    – A lift every March / April (end of Jap Fin year when pressure is on from head office to clear stock)
    – Huge spike EOFY
    – Drop-in Jan
    With the Manufacture filter at the top, you can drill down to 1 OEM, compare a few OEMs, compare an OEM to the over market trend etc. etc.

    What is Google Data Studio?

    Google Data Studio is a free tool developed by Google that allows data to be turned into reports and dashboards that are informative data visualisations. 

    The reports are easy to understand, share and can be customised. 

    Data can be pulled from multiple sources (e.g. Google Analytics, Google Ads, Search console, Facebook, mailchimp etc. etc.

    Why is Google Data Studio useful for your Business?

    The best part about Data Studio is that it creates a dashboard that allows digital marketers to visualise reports for business owners in a way that’s easier to understand. Data Studio allows you to pull data from multiple sources (eg. Facebook ads, Google ads). The reports generated in Data Studio can be easily shared with others, so if you were running a stakeholders meeting you could easily share the report and collaborate on ideas together.

    How can Retain Media help you with Data Studio?

    Let Retain Media handle all your data visualisation and reports.

    We know people running dealerships are hard pressed for time so we’ll keep track of all your metrics while you run your business. 

    We always keep our clients up to date with regular reports and we look for any anomalies or trends in the data that could be useful to you. 

    Why you should choose Retain Media for your Google Data Studio?


    No Lock-in





    Data Studio is a Google property. Can you report on other data sources e.g. Facebook?
    Yes. We can pull data from all of the Google properties and outside of Google including social media channels (eg. Facebook, Instagram), mailing platforms (eg. Mailchimp), etc.
    Is Data Studio free? 
    Yes. Data Studio is a free tool, but like all tools requires skill, experience & knowledge to have it configured to your business needs.  
    How much does a Data Studio dashboard cost to create and maintain?
    We create custom reports for all our clients via Data Studio. If you have a business that needs additional metrics tracked, please get in contact with us for a custom quote.

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      You are in a good company.
      We help Industry leaders and generate
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        Drive More Leads and Sales