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    The Google Ad Grant is a program that allows eligible nonprofits to advertise on Google Ads at no cost. The program gives organizations $10,000 USD per month to be used to promote their missions and initiatives on Google search. 

    To qualify, charities or non-profits must go through the application process, and to keep the grant they must follow the program details.

    Why should a Non-Profit apply for the grant?

    Apart from the $10,000USD to spend each month, Google is central to peoples lives, and at some point, Google will play a part in influencing the experience a person has with most products, services, industries, charities or causes.  

    The Google Ad grant allows non-profits and charities the ability to influence and play a part in this process by driving high intent traffic (i.e. people who are searching terms related to the non-profit’s mission) to their website and help raise awareness of their cause.

    How to get a Google Ads grant?

    Here’s how to apply for the Google Ad Grant — in 5 easy steps.

    1. The organisation must hold valid charity status & Meet the other Google Ad Grant eligibility requirements (such as having a high-quality website).

    2. Register your nonprofit with TechSoup and get a validation token.

    3. Enrol in Google for Nonprofits.

    4. Apply for the Google Ad Grant.

    5. Set up your Google Ads account correctly.

    How to keep and manage a Google Ads grant?

    The grant account is different from a normal ads account. There are additional KPIs that need to be met to keep the account. These include:

    -Having at least 2 active ad groups per campaign and then at least 2 active Ad’s under each Ad Groups with unique text ads

    -The account must have a 5%+ CTR each month

    -All Keywords must have a quality score of 3 or more

    -Keywords can not be too generic e.g. ‘free books’

    -Keywords must contain 2 or more words

    In addition to the above criteria to keep the account, there are restrictions in what can be done in the account including:

    -Ads can only run on search. If a non-profit wants to run display, video or shopping ads they will need a separate paid google ads account.

    -The max bid / CPC is $2USD. Again if some keywords are very competitive (and we have seen some keywords at $10 or more) the advertiser will need a paid account if they want to target these terms more aggressively.

    To Manage in-house or to get an Agency to manage it for you?

    Managing Google ads, at the best of times, is tricky. The google grant account is another level. 

    While we are aware non-profits can run lean it is worth the investment in paying an agency to manage your account for you. The management fee has the potential to open up $10,000 of media spend every month. Managed in house by in-experienced ad managers the organisation could miss out on the potential of maximising the spend and/or run foul of the grant criteria and have their account deactivated.

    An experienced agency can ensure the account abides by the rules set by Google to ensure that you won’t lose your eligibility and maximise the potential of the account. 

    Need help managing your grant account? Drop us a line and let’s see if we are a fit.

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