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    How can Social Media Remarketing Campaign help my business?

    Social Media Remarketing Campaign

    Have you ever browsed for something online, only to find that suddenly all the ads you see are for the same company or for similar products when you browse social media?

    It’s not fate or coincidence, it’s remarketing.

    Remarketing works by following users around the web with related offers. For example, you browse online for wine and the next time you’re on Facebook you see an ad come up for an online wine sale.

    To remarket to people who have visited your website, a code is placed on the page that the person visited, which then triggers your ads to follow them around the Internet, such as on social media.  

    How to remarket on Facebook

    Remarketing on Facebook should be a tool in your digital marketing strategy.

    It works in a similar way to Google Ads remarketing, but rather than displaying ads across the Display Network, they are shown on the Facebook / Instagram / messenger network as well as on display partners.

    There are a few different aspects of remarketing on Facebook, such as:


    Customer lists

    You can create personalised ads to a list of contacts using customer lists on Facebook. 

    These ads are more like email marketing material where you can send personalised messages. This list of contacts can be phone numbers, Facebook user IDs or email addresses from where your customer data is stored. 

    You can then upload this into Facebook and target people with ads that are relevant to where they sit in your sales funnel. 

    We can set up a Facebook pixel on your website so you can target specific audiences based on what pages they visit. 

    For example, if you sell second-hand cars but you want your Facebook ads to target people searching for second-hand trailers, you can set up an audience that shows those people ads who have visited pages with the keywords “second-hand trailer” in the URL.


    Website traffic


    Facebook activity

    Users can also be retargeted based on their activity on / interaction with a brands content on facebook. 

    For example if a brand posts videos showcasing a product or vehicle a good audience to test retargeting on could include users who have watched X% of the video on facebook / instagram in the last Y number of days.

    Why you should choose Retain Media for your Social Media Remarketing Campaign?


    No Lock-in




    Retain Media is experienced at remarketing on social media so we know how to re-engage your audience and move them from unaware to consideration, intenter and then leads or sale. We can do the following:

    Remarket to people who already liked your page

    If someone is already following your page then they already like your brand or have some kind of loyalty attached so their chances of engaging with content you post is much higher. 

    We can remarket posts to your followers on Facebook, Instagram, etc because they are already engaging with your content. 

    A/B testing

    At Retain Media, we can perform A/B testing of your ad or piece of content. A/B testing is where the original (A) is tested against the duplicate (B) to see which one delivers better results. Some things that are changed in A/B testing include:

    • Ad copy
    • Images
    • Call-to-action buttons

    We run the variation against the original to see which one achieves better results. 

    Once the winner is established, we stop the loser and optimise the better ad or content so you can improve your sales. 

    This gives you a good idea how your audience responds to certain images or messages. 

    Track and monitor social media campaigns

    We constantly monitor how your social media campaign is going so we can keep making adjustments accordingly to improve. 

    We send all our clients regular reports so they can keep up to date with how all their social media campaigns are tracking. 


    How much does remarketing cost?
    . This depends on a number of factors including the size of the available audienes to retarget, and the overall budget.
    How long can you retarget a user? 
    In theory, a user can be retargeted for up to 180 days. How long a brand should retarget depends on the length of the path to purchase, frequency of purchase and other variables. We will work with you to develop a custom solution for your brand.  
    What type of budget should go into retargeting?
    Again this depends on a number of factors. Most of our clients allocate somewhere between 15-30% of budget to retargeting activities. This may be dictated to the size of the site and levels / segmentation of the retargeting plan.

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      You are in a good company.
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