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Browse thousands of active ads across 7 industries – Cars, Motorbikes,
Caravans, Trucks, Marine, Construction and Farm Equipment.

Discover who is active in your market, see their most profitable Facebook ads and get ideas from adjacent markets for new ideas.

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What do you want to do:

See your competitor's new ads

1. Either search your competitors in the search bar or Select your market
2. Refine by Dealer or OEM
3. Click on their logo to see what ads are live.

Find your competitor's most successful or profitable ads:

1. Select your competitor as above
2. Scroll to the bottom and see the ads running the longest.
3. If the ads have been running for several months, there is a good chance they are working well – these our your competitor’s best-performing ads!

Get inspired

View the ads in similar markets to get ideas on promotions or how
product is positioned. Eg a prestige caravan manufacturer could check out a prestige boat OEM

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