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    What is the Google Display Network and should my business advertise on it?

    Google offers a huge amount of options for marketers to promote their clients’ products, so why should you use Google Display Network (GDN)?

    Well, 90% of internet users globally are reached by the GDN and it is a fast way to get your ad on some of the most highly trafficked websites including Youtube, Blogger and Gmail.

    Millions of dollars pour into the GDN every day because it works.

    What is the Google Display Network?

    The Google Display Network is a collection of thousands of websites, from blogs to national and international websites that serve banner ads, all of which can be bought via the Google platform. 

    Display advertising allows you to target people in two ways:

    Target new customers who have no knowledge of your website, brand products or services
    Remarket to users who have previously engaged with your website in some form

    In our Google remarketing article , we discussed the funnel that represents the different stages a customer moves through from ‘awareness’ to ‘purchase’.

    You can use GDN at the top of the funnel to build brand awareness and recognition, and showcase products or services to users who appear to be good prospects.

    There are many different strategies that marketers use to target prospects depending on the business’ goal.

    You can also target mid-funnel prospects (consideration) or low-funnel (intending to buy) with different strategies including remarketing.

    Should I advertise my business on Google Display Network?

    Every business should have some form of remarketing strategy in place.

    At Retain Media, we have a number of clients who spend the majority of their Google budget on the display network.

    A few reasons for focusing more heavily on GDN include:

    clients get better return

    clients get better return

    Clients get a better return on GDN than search ads (lower cost-per-click rate and higher conversion rate)

    GDN is less competitive, as many ad agencies focus on search ads. We find that we can reach and influence more prospects with less clutter on GDN.

    GDN less competitive

    GDN less competitive

    Features Overview-cuate

    Features Overview-cuate

    Opportunity to showcase products, build brand awareness and recognition. We’ve found that some of our clients have seen organic conversion for certain products since they started advertising it on GDN. Users have seen the product ad and then navigated to the website to look at the product.

    Why should you choose Retain Media for your Google Display?


    No Lock-in




    How does Retain Media optimise your Google Display Network results?

    We are experienced in optimising GDN so that your business can get the best results. We measure the success of your display campaign by looking at three things:

    Brand awareness

    This is monitored in GA. We look at the number of new users that are visiting your website as this is a good way to see if your display campaigns are increasing brand awareness and website traffic.

    Ad engagement

    We track how many click-throughs you are getting to your website from display ads, as well as whether a user taps, clicks or expands on lightbox ads.

    Direct response metrics

    This includes measuring the success of your display ads through direct responses on your website including creating a new account, starting a free trial, signing up for an upcoming event and subscribing to your newsletter.


    Do I need to supply banners?
    If you do not have banners, we can build a set of banners for your convenience. Alternatively, we can run ‘responsive display’ ads where Google ‘builds’ an ad based on images and text loaded. We can run either option and both have their advantages and disadvantages (cost being one) 
    How can I be sure my ads won’t appear on websites that I don’t want to be affiliated with and its content?
    We tightly control where all our clients’ ads appear through the use of whitelists (safe sites) and blacklists (unsafe or fraudulent sites). 

    You are in good company. We have helped industry leaders including:

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