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Retain Media is a digital media agency focused on helping dealers and OEMS get better results from their digital marketing spend.
Other agencies may sell you the mushroom. We deliver Super Mario.

Why Us? What Makes Us Different?

Deep industry experience.
Before starting Retain Media, Brian spent 12 years working in vehicle-focused media, primarily in the Caravan, Motorbike, Marine Truck, construction and farm equipment markets, as well as Auto and the adjacent industries such as Finance,Insurance, parts and accessories.
Brian worked on some of the biggest mastheads in the industry, such as the caravan industry bible “Caravan World” and Power Torque in Trucks and the biggest circulating motorbike magazine “Cycle Torque”.
In the 7 years before starting Retain Media, Brian worked at Carsales.com.au in several roles starting in sales before moving into strategy where Brian’s role was the Strategy and Insights Manager across 6 verticals – Caravans, Motorbikes, Marine, Trucks, Construction and Farm Equipment.
During this time, Brian dealt with hundreds of stretched marketing teams, DPs, GMs, Sales Managers and Dealer Owners.
They needed help.
The marketing teams tended to be so stretched they didn’t have the time to keep up with the rapid pace of change in digital marketing.
In dealerships, often it was Owners, DPs, GMs or Sales managers who managed the marketing budget, but it was only a small part of their role. They didn’t have the time or experience to allocate their budget in the most effective way.
They were looking for specialist help – someone who understood their industries, their customers and how to use digital channels to reach and influence them.
Retain Media was born to help these OEMS and Dealers make better use of and get better returns from their digital media budget.

Meet Your Team

Initially, Retain Media delivered the strategy and managed contractors who implemented the plan, be it SEO, Google ads, Social media or other media channels.
As the agency grew, we felt we needed to take delivery in-house to better control quality and ensure our deep industry knowledge and experience was embedded in the delivery. We now have a team of specialists in place:


Head of Strategy & Results

Brian has spent 16+ years helping dealers and OEMs adapt to the evolving online environment and influence prospects to become leads and customers.


Total Rewards and
HR Operations

Kathy has spent 20+ years across Asia and Australia working with senior execs to drive talent retention and improve HR operations.


Project Manager –
Creative & Operations

With 6 years of experience in her craft and 2+ years in the vehicle industry, Jelly provies strategic, creative, and innovative solutions that help clients grow their businesses.


Social Ads Manager

Ben has spent 13 years in the advertising industry, the last 5 as a Facebook Ads Specialist. Experienced in Automotive lead generation and eCommerce.


Google Ads Manager

Since 2017 John has been scaling lead gen campaigns and building brands using all the ad networks within the Google platform


SEO Specialist

Since 2014 Brett has been ranking well-known sites and brands. If you are in our industries you have most likely seen the results of his work with a number of our clients occupying position 1 for high volume terms.



With 7 years of experience working across print and digital media, Nick is a talented copywriter with a gift for bringing brand stories to life and crafting engaging ad copy.


SEO Content Writer

Leon has spent 8+ years in media and selling on the showroom floor. He knows what buttons to press to convert prospects to buyers both online and in person.


Software Engineer (WordPress)

With 4+ years of experience in web development (PHP/WordPress). Also, Experienced in WooCommerce websites as well as WordPress plugins from scratch.

What to be part of the team – check our current openings here or send your CV to hello@retainmedia.com.au and let us know who you can make us better.

How Can We Help?

Social media
(Facebook ads
and organic posts)

We don’t claim to be experts in 546 different niches like some other agencies. We know our industries and know them well. This deep industry knowledge combined with specialist platform knowledge allows us to get better returns with the same budget
Every time we have taken a client from another agency was have outperformed that other agency and done so very quickly.
We know how to find, nurture and convert your best prospects into leads and sales.

Are We Any Good?

We think so, and so do our clients. Our first client is still with us!
In 2021 we were a finalist in the “Best Use Of Facebook” and the “Best Integrated Campaign” for our work on Avida.

Case Study

"Brian's knowledge in the industry is tenfold. Just in the past year, our conversions have doubled."


If you would like to know what some of our other clients think,
please check out our reviews on Google.

Are We The Right Agency For You?

80% of our clients are either dealers, OEMs, Finance or closely related to the Auto, Caravans, Motorbikes, Marine, Trucks, Construction and Farm equipment industries. We are a lead gen agency primary. If your business is vehicle focused, let’s chat.

We do take on clients who are not in our core markets. If you think you would like to work with us let’s chat and see if we are a fit.
If, however, you are an Ecomm Business, you would probably be better served with a different agency.

If you are ready to chat, complete the form below, call us on 1300 451 401 or email us at hello@retainmedia.com.au. Someone will call you back within 24 hours

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Other places you can read about Retain Media:
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