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    How Google search ads help your business?

    Google search ads (previously known as Google AdWords) is Google’s own advertising service which allows companies or brands to pay for their website on a search engine results page (SERP).

    No need to wait for your site to rank organically.

    You’ll see immediate results and it’s not as difficult or expensive as you may think.

    What is a Google Ads remarketing campaign and why should you do it?

    The average click-through rate for a Google display Ad is 0.07%, while the average rate for retargeted ads is 10 times higher at 0.7%. Not only is the click-through rate higher but users are 70% more likely to become customers.

    Using Google Ads to remarket, your business can retarget across all four Google platforms:


    Remarketing on the Google Display Network is the most popular and well-known platform for remarketing campaigns, but the other networks can play a strong role in moving users from awareness to consideration to intent and then finally conversion.

    A remarketing strategy could involve retargeting visitors who seem to engage more with videos that showcase products on the website.

    More targeted video content for that user could drive them from the ‘awareness’ stage to ‘consideration’.

    What are some of the ways to remarket?

    There are five common way to remarket with Google Ads:

    Standard remarketing

    This is a common way to remarket and allows you to show your ads to all previous website visitors when they visit other websites.

    Dynamic remarketing

    This is when you get more precise with the remarketing. In this case a user will be shown a remarketing ad of the product they viewed on the site .

    Remarketing for Search

    This is a good option to use to retarget visitors who go back to Google and are still in market, searching google in the category.

    Video remarketing

    If you’ve have a YouTube channel, you can use this to retarget people who’ve watched or engaged with your video content when they’ve been on YouTube. You can also retarget users who watch video on your website.

    Customer list remarketing

    Remarketing to your databases of customers and prospects.

    Why you should choose Retain Media for your Retargeting?


    No Lock-in





    How much does remarketing cost?
    This depends on a number of factors including the network targeted, the number of users targeted or how aggressive the client wants to be. On average companies will pay $0.66 to $1.23 per click for remarketing. If you’re debating about whether to invest in a remarketing campaign, do some research into the benefits and how it will help your business.
    How long can you retarget a user? 
    In theory, a user can be retargeted for up to 540 days across all Google networks (if they don’t delete their cookies). The amount of time we target users depends on a number of factors including how often they purchase and the length of the path to purchase. 
    What type of budget should go into retargeting?
    Again this depends on a number of factors. Most of our clients allocate somewhere between 10-20% of budget to retargeting activities. Your business may go through phases of wanting to put in a bigger budget for retargeting at times when your sales are down but pull back on retargeting when you’re getting many customer conversions.
    Do I need to supply banners?
    If you do not have banners, we can build a set of banners for your convenience. Alternatively, we can run ‘responsive display’ ads where Google ‘builds’ an ad based on images and text loaded. We can run either option and both have their advantages and disadvantages (cost being one) 
    How can I be sure my ads won’t appear on websites that I don’t want to be affiliated with and its content?
    We tightly control where all our clients’ ads appear through the use of whitelists (safe sites) and blacklists (unsafe or fraudulent sites).

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