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    How can YouTube Video Advertising campaign SEO help my business?

    When it comes to video advertising, YouTube is by far the best platform.

    Nearly 80% of marketers say that YouTube is the most effective video marketing platform, followed by Facebook. 

    In this article, we’ll explain why YouTube ads are effective, how much you should spend and why you should choose to work with Retain Media for your YouTube ad campaign.

    Why is Video Advertising on YouTube effective?

    YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google.

    When you are able to use visuals and sound in advertisements, you can create an emotional response from the viewer.

    People who see your video ads can have an emotional connection to your product that you can’t create through search and display ads. 


    Many multinational companies have built their brand through television advertisements but many smaller businesses can’t afford the cost.

    YouTube offers companies the opportunity to advertise at a lower cost. 

    Target audience

    Let’s use the auto industry as an example.

    At any one time, 3% of Australians are in the market for a car.

    Traditional broadcast media has the potential for massive wastage because 97% of those ad dollars are not hitting your market audience. Even more could be wasted depending what kind of car someone is looking for.

    YouTube allows for more targeted ads to people who are looking for a specific type of vehicle.

    How much do you need to spend on a YouTube Ad campaign for it to be worth it?

    It depends on your company’s overall budget for marketing.

    We usually recommend 20-25% of your marketing budget should be spent on video advertising. 

    Why you should choose Retain Media for your video campaigns?


    No Lock-in




    Retain Media will be able to run a successful YouTube Video Advertising campaign for your business by targeting your ideal audience.


    Relevant landing pages

    We’ll direct your audience to a relevant landing page where they can learn more about your product or service in the ad.

    We’ll track all your YouTube ad metrics including views, likes, shares and subscriptions, so you know how your campaign is performing.

    By monitoring your video ad campaign, we’ll help you produce better results for your business.

    You’ll have more effective YouTube ads which will mean more conversions. 


    Monitor video advertising campaigns


    Do my videos have to be public?
    To run a video campaign, an advertiser needs a YouTube channel to host the videos for the campaign, but the videos do not need to be published publicly.
    How do I know if a campaign has been a success?
    Before we kick off your video advertising campaign, we’ll discuss during the briefing what your goals are for the business. We will then help you work towards those goals and provide monthly reports to show how those goals are tracking.
    Do you create the videos for me?
    The short answer is no, but we have connections to people we can refer you to who specialise in video production.

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      You are in a good company.
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