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    How can Google Analytics improve your business?

    If you’ve never used Google Analytics before, then you’ve landed in the right place.

    This is a short guide to everything you need to know about Google Analytics.

    What is Google Analytics?

    Google Analytics is a free web tool created by Google that helps you analyse your website traffic.

    For most companies, their website is a hub for all of their digital traffic because if you run any marketing campaigns on social media or Google search, people are most likely to end up on your website at some point.

    Your website is the best way to know how effective all your campaigns are running that promote your products or services online. Over 50 million websites use Google Analytics, so if you aren’t then you should set it up now.

    How do you optimise Google Analytics?

    Optimising Google Analytics depends on the goals of each individual business but here are some strategies that Retain Media uses for our clients.

    Goal tracking

    We can set up specific goals for your business so that the right goals are being tracked. 

    For example, we have taken over an account that tracked page views for a ‘book a service’ web page as a goal. 

    The paid traffic was landing on this page so the client was seeing a 100% conversion rate. 

    Tracking the wrong goals leads to massive wastage in ad spend. 

    Event tracking or secondary goals

    Not every user converts into a leads. 

    Tacking secondary events can aid judging the quality of site visitors and where they may be on the path to purchase.

    For example a user who watches a lot of the videos on site is potentially a lot closer to purchase than a user a lightly skims through the site. 

    Content engagement

    We use GA to track how engaged visitors are with your content.
    • The percentage of visitors who are readers
    • The percentage of visitors who are finishers
    • The average time it takes to finish reading
    • What videos are watched
    • The percentage of each video watched
    This can help us identify content that needs improving and content that resonates and that we should amplfy through paid channels.

    Funnels and segmentation of the audience

    A marketing funnel is a visualisation of understanding the process of turning leads into customers. 

    It starts from the ‘awareness’ phase through to ‘purchase’. 

    At Retain we track more than goals (sales /leads). We create funnels to help us understand the needs of users at different phases of the path to purchase and to tailor messaging / advertising to them 

    Why you should choose Retain Media for your Google Analytics?


    No Lock-in





    How much does it cost to configure Google Analytics?
    As part of every Google ads set up, Retain Media configures the Google Analytics account for our customers. To discuss a custom setup, please contact us.
    What is Google Tag Manager?
    Google Tag Manager is another Google tool that allows codes or tags to be added to a website without the need to hire a developer. This is a fantastic tool that we recommend and use for all our clients.

    Retain Media can set up Google Analytics for you and find which customers visiting your website are more likely to buy and build a plan to increase conversions. 

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      You are in a good company.
      We help Industry leaders and generate
      thousands of qualified leads every
      month for our Clients.

        Drive More Leads and Sales