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Email marketings median ROI is 4X other digital channels


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    How can creative EDM help my business?

    Email digital marketing (EDM) campaign

    As they say in golf – driving for show, putting for dough. 

    In the world of digital marketing, email marketing could be considered the putting because it’s where your profit can lie. 

    It’s much easier to retain and grow existing customers than it is to acquire new ones, plus it’s a lot cheaper. 

    Harvard Business School conducted research that found increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits from 25% to 95%. 

    Retain Media is here to help you create the best EDM campaign possible.


    Personalised emails

    You can create personalised subject lines and include the recipient’s name to create a more personalised, purchase-driving experience. People are more likely to open a personalised email than a generic one that they can tell has been sent to all subscribers. By sending personalised emails you’re building a strong relationship with the customer. 

    You can motivate people to buy from you again using email marketing. For example, if your business is releasing a new product you can create an email drip campaign to encourage customers to purchase the item. 


    Encourage repeat purchases

    better conversion

    Better conversion

    On average, people who purchase items marketed through email spend up to 138% more than those who don’t receive emails. Email marketing has an enormous ROI (return on investment), so if you’re debating whether you should have an EDM campaign, the answer is obviously yes. 

    Why should Retain media manage your Creative EDM Campaign?


    No Lock-in




    Audience segments

    We can create audience segments to deliver more targeted emails to certain groups of people. For example, a car dealership may have certain vehicles that are more popular with males or females. We can target emails about new products to a specific demographic in order to ensure that it reaches people who will be interested. 

    Track EDM data

    Whichever email marketing platform you choose, we can track several metrics including:
    • Email opening rates
    • Number of links clicked
    • Unsubscribe rates
    • Social media sharing
    These metrics tell us what we can do to improve your EDM campaign.

    Grow your business

    Retain Media can help your business grow through a successful EDM campaign. Once we understand what your business aims to achieve through email marketing, we can help you nurture leads or motivate repeat purchases so you see healthy growth from your business. 


    How often should my business send an EDM?
    The easiest answer is when you have something that you want your customers to know about. Your database is a valuable resource and sending spam can burn it and it should be treated with respect. We work with every client to find the right balance. 
    What time or day should we send EDM?
    We work with each client to develop a unique strategy that suits their business and customers. It can vary depending on what your business does and who your customers are.
    Should my lists be segmented?
    Ideally, yes. Past customers are different to people who have subscribed via your website who are different again from, say, entrants to a competition you ran in the past. Personalising emails that suit each customer group will get the best results. 

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      You are in a good company.
      We help Industry leaders and generate
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        Drive More Leads and Sales