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    The Power of great ads

    An average person sees 6,000+ ads per day.

    A good media plan has enormous power to deliver a message to the right person in the right environment at the right time, but if the ad is not the right ads… well, it will become 1 of the 6,000 or so forgotten ads that day.

    Good ads need to understand who your audience is, where they are in the consideration of a product or service and what their motivations are.

    At Retain Media we build banner ads and social media ads that convert.

    Case Study:

    Autofull is an expensive high-end gaming chair that was recently launched in Australia.

    The problem was they kept selling out. Once the site went to ‘preorder’ sales slowed down and cost per conversion shot up to unprofitable levels.

    We launched this ad as a response.

    Social Proof:

    Used the review from Gaming Chair Hunter that both endorse the product and highlights some key features.

    Expectation Setting:

    The Pre-order tells people the product is not in stock. We saw CPC go up as fewer users clicked through but CPA go down as those that did click through have been qualified. They knew the chair was not in stock. 

    Create a Sense of Wonder:

    The CTA has the words “Find Out’ enticing users to investigate further.

    Creating Urgency:

    The CTA also states “We have sold out 8 times”.  This is both social proof and lets people know this product is in demand. This helps create urgency that the user can’t wait till it’s back in stock. If they want it then they need to act now. 


    A version of this pre-order ad now run even when the chairs are in stock.

    If you need help with your social media graphics and banner ads design, drop us a line. We take the time to understand your business, product and prospects.

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      You are in a good company.
      We help Industry leaders and generate
      thousands of qualified leads every
      month for our Clients.

        Drive More Leads and Sales