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    How can SEO help my business?

    People don’t have all day to browse through websites and 75% of all search engine clicks go to the first three results, which is why SEO is so valuable to your business.

    In fact the difference between ranking 1st   vs 3rd for a search term that relates to your business could result in almost 3X the traffic.

    The below chart from Sistrix illustrates the value a strong organic presence can have.


    Below are four reasons why you should implement an SEO strategy for your brand or dealership:


    Competitive edge on other businesses

    When you rank better in Google search engine results, you gain more visibility.

    This translates to more leads and higher sales, so a good automotive SEO strategy will get you more customers than your competitors.

     If your website converts 3% of traffic to a lead position 1 could result in a 3X of leads from organic for your business that P0s 3 and 10X  pos 10! 

    If you only target broad keywords, such as “dealership”, then you’ll never make it onto the first page of search results because the competition is so high. Find lucrative long-tail keywords that are more specific, such as the model or your location. 

    For example: “2000 [car brand & model, location]”. These searches are less common, but that means people who are searching for a particular car in a local area, they are more likely to convert. 


    Targeted leads


    Greater authority

    Websites that rank higher in search results build more trust with people because they see you as a respectable brand or business. If Google trusts you, then people are more likely to trust you. Ranking higher makes you seen as a leader in the automotive industry because you have good information on your website. 

    You might be running a successful company with a loyal customer base, but if you don’t exist online then how will you attract new customers? A good SEO campaign can help increase brand awareness so more people can discover you and learn what you do. For example, if someone was looking for a car dealership, not only will you be the first dealership they contact when they want to purchase a car, but they’ll tell other people about your dealership so your brand will also spread through word of mouth. 


    Brand awareness

    Why should Retain media manage your SEO Campaign?


    No Lock-in




    Retain Media has worked with a lot of different businesses to improve their automotive SEO through carefully structured SEO strategies. Here’s how we do it:

    Best keywords

    We know how to choose the best keywords to target for your dealership by doing keyword research based on your dealership services offered, car models and your location. 

    Quality content

    Based on your keywords, we create quality content to publish on your website. 

    A good way of doing this is through a blog as you can interact with potential customers and answer any questions they may have. 

    This is a good way to optimise your automotive SEO and provide people with information that they are looking for on topics related to cars or other vehicles.

    Optimise page content

    We go through your entire website to make sure that it’s optimised for search engines. 

    For example, we’ll check your website loading speed, alt-text of images, URLs, title tags, meta descriptions and all the technical aspects of your business’ site. We then fix any issues you may have. 

    Build quality backlinks

    Backlinks are when other websites link to your website. Google’s algorithm rates the quality of your backlinks over the quantity of them, so you want high authority websites linking to you. 

    Backlinks can come from writing guest posts, getting your business included in lists (eg. best car dealerships in Melbourne) and being listed in directories. 

    We research all of this for you to get the best possible backlinks for your business.

    Monitor SEO results

    We track and monitor all your SEO results to see how much your website traffic is increasing and whether the keywords that we’ve targeted are ranking higher in search results.

    GMB is an incredibly powerful tool for local automotive SEO because your dealership appears in local search results.

    We can optimise your GMB account and maintain your profile so it stays up to date with all your latest pictures and event updates. 

    If you own a business in a competitive industry, then you know how hard it is to attract customers who are in the market for different reasons. But they all have one thing in common: they use the Internet. 

    Did you know 80% of all mobile searches on Google are for local services and products?

    Local SEO is an important part of a marketing strategy because it helps promote your dealership on search results on a local level. 

    More people seeing your business online, means a higher chance of an offline sale. 

    At Retain Media, we can help your business run a successful local SEO marketing campaign.


    What should I look for when selecting on SEO partner?
    Transparency. We have seen too many clients who have bought a 40,50 or whatever keyword package, but the keywords, selected by the agency, have no search volume. So what if your business ranks position 1 if no one searches the term?
    How long before an SEO campaign delivers results?
    This depends on the starting position of the website, the search volume and competition, but generally 4-6 months is a good guide. If immediate results are required Google ads is a better fit.  
    How much does an SEO campaign cost?
    At Retain Media we don’t have off the shelf packages. Every client, website and target set of keywords is different and so we customise every solution to the needs of a client.

    You are in good company. We have helped industry leaders including:

    & generate thousands of qualified leads every month for our clients.

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      You are in a good company.
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