Retain Media’s 2023 RV Market Consideration Report: A Deep Dive into Australian Consumer Trends and Brand Performance

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MELBOURNE, Australia — Retain Media today unveiled its RV Market Consideration Report for 2023, delivering a comprehensive analysis of the Australian RV market’s consumer search behaviours, brand preferences, and the significant role of reputation management in high-involvement purchases like caravans, campers, and motorhomes.

Methodology: The report meticulously analyzes search volume data throughout Australia for the year 2023, focusing on 92 brands, including campers motorhomes and caravans, both locally made and imported. This search data comprised over 9,000 search terms, averaging 900,000 searches a month. Analysis of the data revealed significant searches for brands that included keywords such as ‘problem/s’ and ‘review/s’. This granular approach offers a panoramic view of the market, highlighting the consumer perception of risk, and the role that consumer inquiries into brand reputations play in significantly influencing purchasing decisions.

Key Findings:

  • Jayco’s Market Dominance: Jayco emerged as the most searched caravan brand, boasting a search share of 30.9%. This figure underscores Jayco’s robust presence in the consumer’s consideration set.
  • Model Name Overlaps: The research identified commonalities in model names across different brands, including names like Trax, Scout, Retreat, Belmont, Razor, Savannah, Matrix, Simpson, and Overlander. This overlap suggests a competitive landscape and reiterates the need for brands to conduct thorough research before naming their models.
  • Reputation Management: The analysis highlighted the critical role of reputation management in the caravan industry. With RVs often costing significantly more than the average car, online reviews are pivotal in the consumer’s path to purchase. The report noted monthly searches ranging between 17,000 and 23,000 for brand and model reviews, and between 13,000 and 18,000 for brand-related problems.
  • Strategic Recommendations: For brands, developing strong relationships with publications for independent reviews and creating a robust plan for generating owner reviews and testimonials is recommended. Such content not only aids in improving search visibility but also acts as a counterbalance to searches related to problems, underscoring the importance of authentic consumer feedback in shaping brand reputation.


The 2023 RV Market Consideration Report from Retain Media provides critical insights into the Australian RV market, emphasizing the significance of search trends, brand reputation, and the strategic importance of reviews in high-involvement purchase decisions. As the RV industry continues to evolve, this report serves as an invaluable resource for brands looking to navigate the complexities of consumer expectations and market dynamics effectively.

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