2023 Motorcycle Market Brand Equity Report

Updated: Oct 16, 2023 | Nick Ainge Roy | 8 mins. read

We are proud to release the first of our Brand Consideration Reports. These reports are intended to serve as a snapshot of the major manufacturers’ brand awareness, as measured by their search volume and market in Australia.

The figures in this report were gathered using three keyword research tools to assess over 40,000 search terms, representing more than 6.2m make and model searches in Q3 2023. The data shown in this report was collected between Q4 2022 and Q3 2023 and is based on the calendar year, not the financial year.

During our research, we elected to include dealership searches that included a brand name e.g.
“Springwood Suzuki” but excluded dealership terms that didn’t include an OEM brand e.g. “Sydney City Motorcycles”. We also elected not to include search terms for parts and merchandise and excluded any terms that imply a used bike search e.g “2021 Yamaha R1”.

This report first looks at the industry leaders among all brands, before we analyse the leaders based on the manufacturers’ region (European, Japanese, and North American), as well as seperate categories for Learner Approved Motorcycles (LAMs) and ATVs.

All Brands

Most-Searched Models

European Road Brands

Japanese Brands

North American Brands

Learner Approved Motorcycles (LAMs)

ATV & UTV Brands

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