FCAI 2024 Mid-Year Sales Summary

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The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) has released its mid-year sales data for the motorcycle sector, covering January to June 2024. The report indicates a downturn in the market, with overall sales of motorcycles and Off Highway Vehicles (OHV) reaching 42,541 units, a 5.6 percent decline compared to the same period last year.

Segment-Wise Sales Analysis

The sales distribution across different motorcycle segments highlights varying levels of market contraction:

  • Road Motorcycles: These comprised 39.0 percent of total sales, with 16,568 units sold. This segment saw a 5.0 percent decrease from the previous year, reflecting the broader market trend.
  • Off Highway Vehicles (OHV): Making up 16.8 percent of total sales, OHVs sold 7,155 units, marking a significant 12.2 percent decrease, the largest drop among all segments.
  • Off Road Bikes (ORB): ORBs accounted for 38.2 percent of total sales, with 16,248 units. The decrease here was relatively modest at 3.8 percent.
  • Scooters: Although they only represented 6.0 percent of the market with 2,570 units sold, scooters showed the smallest decline at 1.8 percent. This suggests a degree of resilience in this segment, possibly due to their affordability and utility in urban settings.

Industry Leaders and Market Trends

Yamaha continues to lead the market as the top-selling brand, followed by competitors such as Honda, Kawasaki, and KTM. The positioning of these major brands underscores their continued influence in a contracting market.

Economic Factors at Play

Tony Weber, Chief Executive of the FCAI, commented on the challenges facing the motorcycle industry. “The results highlight the economic pressures impacting Australian households, including cost of living increases and interest rate rises,” said Mr. Weber. He noted that the economic conditions are closely monitored due to their potential impact on sales across all market segments.

Weber further elaborated on the consumer behaviour observed, particularly pointing out the decline in scooter sales, which had previously shown steady performance. “The slight decline in scooter sales, despite their typically steady performance in recent months, suggests that consumers are feeling the pinch more acutely this year,” he explained.

Looking Ahead

The motorcycle industry is navigating through a challenging economic landscape marked by decreased consumer spending power and increased financial pressures. As the year progresses, the FCAI will continue to analyze market trends and anticipate potential shifts that could affect the various segments differently.

This mid-year report sets a cautious tone for the remainder of 2024, as stakeholders across the industry brace for potential further disruptions while hoping for stabilisation in economic conditions that could revive consumer interest and spending in the motorcycle sector.

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We will see whether the industry’s fortunes have changed when we return next quarter with the FCAI’s latest update. In the meantime, be sure to read our other market reports, including our latest Motorcycle Market Brand Consideration Report, to learn more about the state of the Australian automotive industry at the mid-year mark.

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