Google Ads to Reach LAMs Motorcycle Buyers

Updated: Oct 29, 2021 | Brian Sullivan | 1 min. read

Google Ads can help Motorcycle dealers and OEMs reach bike buyers as they enter the market

LAMS (Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme) bikes are the highest volume bike type sold in Australia. They can be a low-margin product as they tend to be cheaper than the full-bore bikes, with sub $10k being the magic number to achieve volume. The buyers tend to be younger (although there has been a rise in the 45+ ‘return to riding’ buyer in the past few years) and more budget or price-conscious. This trait extends into parts and merchandise, as these consumers buy less, and buy the cheaper options. 

Having said all that, targeting the LAMS bike buyer offers a lot of advantages to both dealers and OEMs. For a start, targeting the LAMs buyer allows bike dealers and OEMs to reach people who are beginning a, hopefully, multi-decade life of bike ownership, and allows them to build relationships with these bike buyers as they enter the market. 

Google Ads are a very effective way to reach these buyers as they enter the motorcycle market. Below are 20 higher volume keywords to consider when targeting the LAMS buyer with SEM. It is interesting to note that 2 of the top 5 terms are models and that 2 of the models in the top 7 search terms are no longer sold by the OEM, indicating that these are buyers of used bikes. Other high-volume terms (not included here) are terms around permits and licensing.

Early in the planning stage of designing your campaign, consideration is going to need to be made on which terms to target (do we target competitors? Can we make buyers switch brands? What messaging is required? Can we move a potential used buyer to a new bike?) and how to structure the selected keywords, as well as which ones to block to make sure the right buyers are hit.

Advertising on the Google Display Network can also be very rewarding. The bike industry is a passion industry, and as such, there are thousands of motorcycle websites available to target these users.

We understand the bike industry and how to effectively use Google search, display and video ads to reach and influence LAMs buyers to create leads and sales.


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20 key LAMs approved Google Ads PPC Keywords


Vol (AU)

CPC ($)

LAMs approved bikes24000.29
Kawasaki Ninja 40019000.27
Street 500 Harley19000.37
Learner motorbikes16000.6
Learner motorcycles16000.6
Street 50016000.43
Kawasaki Ninja 30016000.4
Royal Enfield Classic 50013000.52
Honda CB125e13000.59
Royal Enfield Classic 35010000.84
LAMs approved bikes WA7200.41
Yamaha YZF R37200.17
Yamaha xvs6507200.16
LAMs approved bikes NSW5900.43
Learner approved motorcycles5900.44
LAMs bikes4800.35
LAMs approved bikes QLD4800.45
Mt07 for sale4800.21
YZF R34800.12
Learner bikes3900.69
Best LAMs bikes3900.93
XVS650 bobber3200.47
Best beginner motorcycles3200.24
LAMs approved bikes VIC2601.49
LAMs approved bikes for sale2600.21
XVS650 custom2100.12
Beginner motorcycles2100.19
LAMs bikes for sale1700.25
Fastest LAMs approved bike1700.71
Best learner motorbikes1401.76
LAMs approved cruiser1400.09
Yamaha XVS650 bobber1400.32
LAMs approved bikes SA1100.55
LAMs bikes NSW900.63
Learner motorbikes for sale700.72

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